Welcome to the Nafuloo Panda Card Club

NPCC is a collection of 54 NFTs commemorating the release of the Nafuloo Panda playing cards deck. Your Nafuloo Panda Card NFT doubles as your membership card, and grants access to members only benefits, including serving as a Master Node for Nafulium Token (NFIUM) – a Stellar token that requires 99.9% of its total supply to be unlocked by social mining. NFIUM will be distributed to members daily. Future benefits and perks will be unlocked through roadmap activation.
About the Nafuloo Panda Card Deck

The Card Deck contains 54 cards with 4 suits: Wealth (Green), Power (Red), War (Brown), and Intellect (Yellow). Each of these suits have 13 cards. In addition, the card contains 2 power cards (the Divergents) (black) known as Divergent North and Divergent South. The Divergents are similar to the Jokers in a standard card playing deck; for that reason, the list price for the Divergents will be higher than the other 52 cards. The cards will be used to play a modern version of the game “Spades” within an online “play to earn” model and in-person using physical card decks.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the perks and benefits of owning a Panda

The roadmap below gives an estimate of when benefits are expected to be distributed, but in general NPCC members will enjoy:

  • Public recognition of ownership (optional).
  • A framed print of the Panda Card they purchase (only for original owners).* 
  • Master Node (MN) Ownership. After the 4th panda is sold to an original owner, MN ownwers will receive daily rewards of Nafulium, in accordance with the Nafuloo Fission Formula. An announcement will be made in the Nafuloo Discord 24 hours prior to the first daily reward. Please note that it may take 3-4 days after purchase for daily rewards to begin.
  • Access to market your business or brand to the Nafuloo Tribe across our various platforms. To do this, simply send a text of your announcement with graphics/media, and we will actively promote.
  • A physical deck of Nafuloo Panda playing cards (only for original owners).

*In order to receive this perk, the holder must complete a registration form, which is available in the members only section on the Nafuloo Discord.

What is the ROI in terms of Nafulium?

Nafulium is a first-of-its kind token on the Stellar Network that requires tokens outside the original 100 million to be socially mined. One way to mine tokens is by serving as a Master Node owner, which can be accomplished by holding a Nafuloo Panda Card Club NFT. Daily Nafulium rewards will be sent to Master Node owners in accordance with the Nafulium Fission Formula. This formula is intended to ensure that tokens are put in circulation in correlation with project growth across the Nafuloo ecosystem. Because of this, initially there will not be a large amount of tokens released in daily rewards. However, as the Nafuloo ecosystem grows the amount of tokens released in daily rewards will increase. This is done to give Master Node owners a strong incentive to help grow the project. By attempting to keep Nafulium scarce, and incentivizing Master Node owners to contribute to growth, it is our hope that Nafulium will begin to reflect that level of effort and that Master Node owners will see a return on investment and start to spread the word.

What is the Nafulium Fission Formula

As of 2.22.2022


W = # of wallets holding greater than 54,000 NAFU

T = # of followers for the @NafulooToken Twitter account

I = # of followers for the @Nafuloo Instagram account

N =3,333*(1+price of NAFU in XLM)

B = total # of tokens unlocked in the daily block.

Then B = N+(W+T+I)

B will then be split between Master Node Owners. Please note that there will be Platinum Nodes in the future, as well as the ability to own games, which will require the formula to be adjusted in a fair and equitable manner. At least 10 days notice will be given before an adjustment is made.

Please note that we reserve the right to adjust the Nafulium Fission Formula and calculations (or temporarily pause rewards distributions) without advance notice in order to address market inefficiencies, manipulation, nefarious activity and bad actors. If such an action is taken, an announcement will be made to ensure transparency. 

Can I sell/trade my Panda NFT (Master Node)

Yes. Any Master Node owner is free to sell his or her MN at any time for, for any reason and for any price. Once our MN owner list is updated (typically in 1-3 days), daily rewards of Nafulium will stop going to the seller and start going to the new owner. While rewards will stop, access to the NPCC members only channel will continue. Nafuloo Panda Card Club NFTs can also be swapped/traded with other members, but we encourage those wishing to trade to only do so with a person they know and trust because blockchains transactions are final and there is nothing our team can do if the person you are looking to trade with fails to uphold their end of the bargain.

NPCC Roadmap (check for updates)


4 Pandas Sold


13 Pandas Sold


21 Pandas Sold

  • Daily Rewards for Nafulium (NFIUM) begins!
  • Announcement made on how to access Members Only Discord section.
  • Framed prints will be mailed.*
  • "Members Only" swag mailed.

*To received mailings, members must register (directions in Members Only Discord)

  • Deck of cards mailed (for registered members)
  • Annual Meetup Planning begins