Introducing Nafulium (NFIUM)

The first ever token on the Stellar Blockchain where 99.9% of the available supply will have to be put in circulation by unlocking (social mining) them.

The Nafuloo DAO is proud to make history on the Stellar Blockchain!

  • First, we introduce Nafulium (NFIUM) — the first ever token on the Stellar Blockchain where 99.9% of the available supply will have to be put into circulation by unlocking (social mining) them.

  • Second, coinciding with the issuing of NFIUM, we introduce the Nafuloo Panda Card Club NFTs — the first NFT project on the Stellar Network that allows holders of NFTs to earn cryptocurrency daily by acting as nodes. 

Nafulium is truly a rewards token for the Nafuloo Tribe and the larger Stellar community. The issuing of NFIUM is being done to address several issues that pose challenges for projects on the Stellar Network, with a goal of assuring a slow release of NFIUM into circulation. Before we get into details about how 21 billion Nafulium will be unlocked (rewarded), we want to talk about the Tokenomics of NFIUM.


Nafulium (NFIUM) has the issuing account GD76B36…K45V3DB with the url The total fixed supply of 30 billion NFIUM tokens will be held, rewarded, sold and circulated as follows:

  • The Nafulium Fusion Block of 100 million tokens (0.1%) will be put in circulation in a fair and equitable manner in order to set the initial market. These tokens represent the most tokens that will ever be sold by the dev team.

  • 29.9 Billion (99.9%) will be unlocked with social mining and distributed as daily rewards across the Nafuloo ecosystem. Until unlocked, these 29.9 billion tokens will be stored in the following wallet: GCY7VH7…6KDUUSY.

How to Unlock Nafulium and Earn Rewards

  • Master Node (MN): Wallets holding any one of the 54 unique Nafuloo Panda Card NFTs minted from the Nafuloo verified account on Litemint will serve as Master Nodes. The Master Node will earn Nafulium according to the Nafulium Fission Formula below.

  • Platinum Node (PN): Wallets holding any one of the 1,000 Nafuloo Platinum Node NFTs minted on Litemint will serve as Platinum Nodes. The Platinum Node will earn Nafulium according to the Nafulium Fission Formula below, and will be minted once a all 54 Nafuloo Panda NFTs have been sold.

  • NFIUM can be earned by playing any official Nafuloo Panda Game on the Litemint gaming site or other gaming platform, website or app we announce. (Coming soon)

  • There will be other challenges, games, bounties or opportunities to earn rewards as announced from time to time.

The Nafulium Fission Formula (as of 9.20.2022)


W = # of wallets holding greater than 54,000 NAFU

T = # of followers for the @NafulooToken Twitter account

I = # of followers for the @Nafuloo Instagram account

N =3,333*(1+price of NAFU in XLM)

B = total # of tokens unlocked in the daily block.

Then B = N+(W+T+I)

This formula will be computed, and rewards will be disbursed once daily at randomized times. Wallets holding MN and PN will need to have NFIUM with issuing account XXXX added as a trusted asset.

As an example:

If Nafuloo has 1,000 wallet holders; 250 Twitter Followers; 1000 IG followers; and the price of NAFU is .0002 XLM/NAFU

Then B = [3,333*(1+.0002)]+(1000+250+1000)

= 3,333.67+2,250

= 5,583.67 NFIUM

Master Nodes and Platinum Nodes would split the daily block award 55–45%. Therefore in the above example MN holders would evenly split 3,071.02 NFIUM and PN holders would evenly split 2,512.65 NFIUM. Note that MN holders are also members of the Nafuloo Panda Card Club and as such, would be entitled to a number of additional perks.

Each time a MN is purchased (initially after mint and not subsequent sales), 10 million NAFU will be burned. 

The above formula incentivizes PN and MN holders to help grow and bring visibility to the entire Nafuloo ecosystem, while discouraging a single entity from buying and holding multiple Platinum or Master Nodes, as the daily block award theoretically grows faster and larger with many individuals being incentivized to contribute to growth and visibility. The idea is that the daily block award will grow as the Nafuloo ecosystem grows. If the above example is modified where the number of Nafuloo asset holders grows to 20,000, the price of NAFU increases to .005, and Twitter and IG followers grow to 2,500 and 3,000 respectively, then the daily block award would grow to 28,849.66 NFIUM.

We reserve the right to adjust the Nafulium Fission Formula and calculations (or temporarily pause rewards distributions) without advance notice in order to address market inefficiencies, manipulation, nefarious activity and bad actors. In addition, NFT holder lists will only be updated one time per week, so it may take several days for secondary purchasers (NFT holders who purchase after the original purchaser) to start seeing rewards.

Note that while a single wallet can hold both a Master Node and a Platinum node and receive the daily block share for each; wallets holding multiple MNs and/or multiple PNs will only receive credit for a maximum of 1 MN and 1 PN. 

The daily rewards will start once 4 Nafuloo Panda Cards have been purchased.